Brushing Instructions

Braces tend to trap food and bacteria (plaque) on teeth. Unless this plaque is removed damage to teeth and gums can occur. Therefore, tooth brushing instructions given to you by our staff should be carefully followed.

When to Brush
A good regimen is to brush when you get up in the morning, within five minutes after you eat (each time) and when you go to bed.We suggest you carry a travel type or folding toothbrush with you.

To Brush Your Teeth Properly You Must…
• Brush under, above, behind and around all surfaces of every tooth and bracket.
• Remember to brush the inside and the outside of both top and bottom gums.
• Rinse your mouth very thoroughly after you have finished brushing.

Be sure to check after rinsing, and if your teeth and brackets are not clean and shining…
Brush Again!