Brace Guide

Hard foods may do damage by bending wires, loosening cement under the brackets and bands or breaking the little brackets and tubes which have been attached.

Avoid Sticky Foods Like:  • Taffy • Caramel • Fruit Cakes • Licorice • GUM • Fruit Roll-Ups • Gummy Candy • Dried Fruits

Sticky Foods damage appliances by bending wires and pulling brackets or bands loose.

Brush/Rinse Immediately After Sweets Like: • Candy • Soda Pop • Shakes and Malts • Ice Cream • Cupcakes • Cookies • Cake & Pie • Presweetened Cereals

High sugar foods increase the likelihood of plaque build-up. If you do eat them, brush your teeth immediately afterwards. If you cannot brush right away, always rinse your mouth with clear water after eating sweet foods.

Eat with Care • Carrot Sticks – Cut into thin curls.
• Apples – Slice into small wedges; don’t bite into an apple.
• Hard breads (French) – Take small pieces; chew carefully
• Pizza – Take small bites. Avoid eating the crust.
• Meats – Cut into mini bites and chew carefully.
• Crackers and Biscuits – Take small pieces; chew carefully.
• Peanut Butter – Soft only. Never eat “chunky” style.

A careful orthodontic patient can probably eat almost any food and do no damage to his or her appliances, however, use common sense or, if you are in doubt, ask our staff.

After your braces are placed:
• Three (3) hours after braces. No Food. Drink Malts or Soup.
• Three (3) days stay on soft diet.

Still think soda is harmless to your teeth?

As it turns out, it’s not the sugar in soda that eats away at tooth enamel.  It’s the acids (used as flavoring agents). That’s why diet and regular soft drinks do equal amounts of damage, according to a study from the University of Maryland Dental School.  Light colored sodas such as lemon-lime varieties are even more destructive than colas.  Can’t give up your habit? Have your soda with a meal, the food you eat changes the acid balance in your mouth.  Also, finish off your soda in one sitting rather than sipping on it the whole day and exposing your teeth to the acids over and over again.  Lastly, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS brush your teeth after drinking a soda, especially if you have braces.  Not only do the acids cause harm to the enamel but it will also stain you teeth around the brackets.  So, it might not look like any harm has been done but once you braces are removed you will notice that where the bracket once was is white, but the surrounding areas are now slightly yellower.