Elastic Instructions

Elastics or rubberbands are used to help move your teeth from one place to another. If the rubberbands are not worn as directed, the teeth will not move and treatment will be prolonged.

* Elastics should be worn twenty-four hours a day (unless instructed otherwise).

* Remove elastics only when you brush your teeth or eat meals. Put them around a finger so that you will remember to put them back in immediately afterwards.

* Carry extra elastics with you all the time. If one should break, and they will, you can then replace it immediately.

* Should you lose them or run low, please stop by the office to pick some up or call so that we can mail you more.

* Sometimes the teeth will get sore when the elastics are started. Usually, this soreness lasts only a few days. Wearing elastics sporadically will also cause tooth soreness and makes it difficult to move the teeth.

* Your elastics may be difficult to put on in the beginning. After a few days of practice, placing the elastics will become very easy.

* Poor elastic wear will increase your treatment time.

If for some reason, you cannot wear your elastics as you have been instructed, please call our office for an appointment so that we can either reinstruct you or fix the problem that is preventing you from getting them on. This is not considered an emergency but we do want to fix the problem ASAP.